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New article to be published on artists’ pedagogies of material and time

Richard Hickman and I will have an article published in an upcoming edition of the International Journal of Education and the Arts (IJEA).  The article is titled, “Viscerality and slowliness: An anatomy of artists’ pedagogies of material and time.”  This paper describes 8 UK-based community artists’ use of materials when providing public workshops for parents and toddlers in outdoor settings.  We focus on how the artists selected materials for a variety of qualities that they named: simplicity, immediacy, richness, slippage, ephemerality, and slowliness.   We discuss how the artists provided participants a limited palette of materials, each one in abundance, to support participants’ open-ended, immersive, and embodied experimentation.    IJEA provides open access to scholarly dialogue so practitioners will have access to the article!  Stay tuned for publication date.  In the meantime, if you want to read one of my favourite IJEA articles about music-making from the great John Finney, go here.

Article to be published in special issue on community arts

This winter, the International Journal of Education through Art is publishing a special issue on community arts.  The issue will include a paper I have written that reports principally ethnographic research that I conducted with 8 East Anglian artists affiliated with Cambridge, Curiosity and Imagination (CCI).  The paper is titled, The makers of new words: A principally ethnographic account of community artists’ language.  In the article, I present artists’ approaches to language when offering workshops with young people and adults in informal, community settings.  Approaches described include prompting, storying, describing, poeticising, and being quiet.  I argue that the artists try to create the conditions through their use of language to move participants’ open-ended explorations beyond the literal and the representational, beyond what can prescribe or judge how to be in the world.  Stay tuned for the publication date.

Researching community artists’ pedagogies

In 2008, I began exploratory research of how artists describe their pedagogies when engaging children, parents, and teachers in creative workshops that take place in so-called informal settings.  I  published two articles from this exploratory research, and more articles from further, Continue reading