Time After Whiteness

I have a new article published in Studies in Art Education on the politics of white time in art education curriculum and instruction. The abstract reads:

The purpose of this article is to theorize pedagogies that reckon with and provide an alternative to the chronicles of White time in visual art education. While Whiteness has garnered significant attention in visual art education scholarship during the past 2 decades, and particularly so in the past few years, time has not featured explicitly as a central analytic. Through engaging with how visual art education scholars work with alternative temporalities to White time in their own scholarship, I attempt to theorize a pedagogic approach that might summon subjectivities that reckon with and counter the dominant logics of White time.

Tyler Denmead (2021) Time After Whiteness: Performative Pedagogy and Temporal Subjectivities in Art Education,Studies in Art Education, 62:2, 130-141, DOI: 10.1080/00393541.2021.1896252