Ride or Die: An Instructional Resource

The article I wrote with Ruth Nicole Brown for Art Education is now available for downloading without a subscription!

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 13.45.50Put on your snorkel and safety goggles, hang a pine-scented air freshener around your neck, and roll up your capri pants, because we are headed into the valley of darkness. If you want a hopey-changey-kinda politic, if you want to give young people a “voice,” if you think hip-hop is some mainstream practice, then you have come to the wrong post post-racial place. No: Here in the valley, the Barack bubble has burst. Here in the valley, we re-turn to terror because, Lord knows, we are about to be terrorized. Some of us know this terror well. For those who do not, they will come to know this terror as witnesses; their discomfort will reveal itself as beauty and/or privilege…

Moral Ambivalents, Mucks, and Mad Hatters!!! Welcome to Kara Walker’s Ruffneck Constructivists!!! The Greatest Show on Earth!!! If you have been down, be down!!!

If you haven’t, bring a shovel.

Before entering this Instructional Resource, teleport your crew. IM your homegirls. Mail the letter he is waiting on because you are about to leave yoursel behind… Or… Change your gait and exit this Instructional Resource at this time. We cool like that

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