NSEAD responds to the Sewell Report

The National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) has published a member’s response to the Sewell Report, which made the absurd claim that structural racism cannot explain racial inequalities in the UK. I joined the Society’s Anti-Racist Art Education Action Group in crafting a response, which was difficult to write precisely because our response was exactly what the Sewell Report cynically anticipates and desires. The Sewell Report is one front in the post-Brexit Culture Wars in which Britain and Britishness is being asserted as Christian and White, thus mobilising White grievances to secure political power. This dynamic struggle to secure White power attempts to cast those who call out structural racism as irrational and unreasonable. Those in the arts and the academy, associated with the political left, make easy targets. Nonetheless, responding to this Report is the least worst choice. I look forward to working with NSEAD’s Ant-Racist Art Education Action Group to continue to advance its aims, which can be read here.